Nordic PropTech Summit 2018

Welcome to Nordic PropTech Summit 2018 @Sime where we continue to explore the city of the future, the technologies that make buildings ever smarter and the new business opportunities in a connected world where our cities, buildings, roads and places turn into intelligent spaces.


Nordic PropTech Summit 2018

At the  Nordic PropTech Summit 2018 @Sime the 31th of May we will deep dive in the real estate industry’s most promising opportunities, share pains and strategies and learn from each other. You will meet speakers like Joyeeta Das, the founder of Gyana, a technology company that makes sense of the saying ‘Location, Location, Location’ by understanding peoples movement. Luke Appleby, founder of UK fast grower Kontor, proviing real estate acquisition advice to help clients find spaces that “maximise their creative and business potential”. In addition to thought leaders from the industry.  The stage agenda is led by serial entrepreneur and Sime’s host Ola Ahlvarsson.

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