Nordic PropTech Initiative co-hosts SIME PropTech (free tickets)

Interested in learning more about 'the worlds smartests building' or how Nordic Choice Hotels focus on the experience for its customers (a learning lesson for anyone in SpaceAsAService)?  You now have the opportunity to free of charge join a 2 hours event this Thursday.

Full agenda: 


Free tickets (between 15-17 on Thursday 16th Nov) 
Use this link;  
Until today 150 out of 200 tickets have been reserved. 

Tickets to the entire day 2 of SIME   
Nordic PropTech Initiative has also arranged for 30 free tickets to the entire day 2 at SIME.
Read more here; 
For those, use the link and code below. (First come, first serve).

Want more of SIME?   
Here you have the code for 50% rebate to the entire show.  

What is SIME?   
One of the largest web conferences in the Nordics. A 2 day event with lots of energy. Read more here; 

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